The Streetwise Project

Funding: $15,000 from Arts NSW (auspiced through BMWHI)

Timeframe: 2008

Researchers: Peter Adams (photographer), Alan Lloyd (writer), Cheryle Yin-Lo (BMWHI)

Project Overview:

This project comprised a word and image portrait of the Blue Mountains by Peter Adams and Alan Lloyd. Peter Adams captured the heart and soul of the Blue Mountains through its people. Working with writer Alan Lloyd, he set out to make a portrait in images and words of a unique community. More than 20,000 images were shot and 80,000 words written, resulting in a remarkable book and photographic exhibition opened by the Governor of NSW, Professor Marie Bashir.


Peter Adams website : photographs from the project

Peter Adams website: Streetwise, the book


Portrait of Doug Denham by Peter Adams

Portrait of Doug Denham by Peter Adams