Local galleries support low carbon living


Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts and Leura Fine Woodwork Gallery are Low Carbon Living members who support local artists while reducing their carbon footprint.

Leura Fine Woodwork Gallery has carved itself a niche in the heart of Leura Mall amongst specialised retailers, cafés and restaurants.

Judith Langley and Neil Williams bought Fine Woodwork Gallery in 2001. It was an established business showcasing high quality handcrafted, made-to-last wooden pieces that directly challenge our throwaway society.

As a former cabinet-maker, Neil Williams immediately saw the gallery’s potential to support and promote artists who give up their day job and devote their lives to creating distinctive works of art that would pass from one generation to the next.

Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts in Katoomba houses numerous exhibition spaces on three floors. The building’s main advantage is its expansive west-facing double frontage, allowing ample natural light to flood the space and highlight the works on display. 

“Because we have such a huge expanse of space, it allows us to hang works differently,” co-owner Sharon Peralta (pictured) says. “There are paintings on the ceiling, coffee tables on the wall, hanging nests and canvases displayed in every corner from the basement to the rooftop.”

Sharon and her partner Victor Peralta invested in standard LED lighting and are now upgrading to the newest LED lighting systems, specifically designed for gallery exhibitions and further reducing the gallery’s carbon footprint.

Because the building is leased, the Peraltas need owner’s approval before they install a solar panel system. For Sharon: “It is all about being flexible. Reassessing where you are is important to keeping on top of new technologies and improving the service you provide to the public.”