Dr Kellie Leigh

Appointed: 1st January 2017

Qualifications: BSc (Hons); PhD (Usyd) in Conservation Biology.

Experience: Dr Kellie Leigh is the Executive Director and Founder of NGO Science for Wildlife. 

Kellie has 20 years of experience building wildlife conservation projects that are focussed on conservation outcomes and combine research, education and community engagement, both internationally and in Australia. This includes the creation and management of ecological research projects with marsupials as the focal flagship species in Victoria and NSW, as well as wide-ranging large carnivore projects in Africa.

Kellie spent a decade in Zambia where she founded a non-profit organisation (the Zambian Carnivore Programme) and secured ongoing core funding for the programme from WWF.

Her research is often focussed on low density and wide ranging terrestrial and arboreal mammals and her fields of expertise include conservation biology, genetics/genomics, behavioural ecology, and recent innovative work training and evaluating wildlife detection dogs.

Kellie completed her PhD through the University of Sydney where she maintains an Honorary Research Fellow position and teaches for a Wildlife Masters degree. She has secured and managed over $2.7 million in grants for wildlife conservation projects and has held several board positions.